Surprise encounter brings two ministries together for God’s glory

By November 17, 2023
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Liberia (MNN) —  God often uses surprise encounters to accomplish His perfect plan in unexpected ways.

At a recent pastors’ gathering, Mission Cry’s president, Rev. Jason Woolford, met a pastor’s wife who teaches music to students in Liberia over Zoom. She was trying to send new instruments to them, but the plans kept falling through.

It just so happened that Mission Cry was preparing a shipping container full of Bibles and Christian books to be sent to a seminary in Liberia.

(Photo courtesy Mission Cry)

“Well, you know, Liberia is a pretty big country,” Woolford said to her. He was amazed when they discovered that the two ministries are just miles away from each other.

To the glory of God, Mission Cry’s container now has several pallets of brand-new cellos and violins. It is scheduled to ship in late November. 

Talk about the Lord ordering the footsteps of the righteous,” says Woolford. “[Us] being at this event, sitting in front of these pastors, all so God could get the Word and these musical instruments to our brothers and sisters in Monrovia. That’s so great.”

You can play a part in this God-story by supporting Mission Cry here. It costs $11,000 to send containers like this one that are packed full of Bibles and Christian books worth that amount many times over.

“[Donations] would help the ministry as we do things in faith and trust God to prompt and prick the right hearts at the right time to make a difference in people’s lives in sending these containers,” says Woolford.

Also, join in praying that there would be no delays or extra fees from officials once the container arrives in port.

“In 70 years of ministry, it’s only happened to us twice. So I know it’s because God’s people are praying for the security and the distribution of it.”

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Header photo courtesy of Mission Cry.