Rebel alliance threatens Myanmar military government

By November 16, 2023

Myanmar (MNN) — Myanmar’s junta government faces its biggest challenge since taking power in a 2021 coup.

“In late October, three defense groups came together, formed an alliance, and they intend to stretch this military government beyond capacity,” AMG International’s Brian Dennett says.

“They’re calling it the Three Brotherhood Alliance.”

Over a hundred army soldiers accepted payment from the Three Brotherhood Alliance to lay down their arms yesterday. It’s the largest surrender since widespread conflict began two years ago, giving the alliance traction across northern Myanmar.

“They’ve been able to capture several key towns [and] military posts” in the past two weeks, Dennett says.

“It’s the greatest test this government has had, giving a lot of hope that maybe they (the government) could be defeated.”

Armed ethnic groups have been fighting Myanmar’s central government for greater autonomy for decades, displacing more than a million people.

AMG’s national missionaries have provided 237 families with relief packets!
(Photo, caption courtesy of AMG International)

“The people of Myanmar have suffered so much, and the level of anger and frustration at the continued horrors the military has inflicted on its citizens is just unbelievable,” Dennett says.

Relentless violence and desperation open doors for the Gospel. AMG International works alongside local Christians to deliver help and hope in the name of Jesus. More about that here.

“Both pastors and our church network in Myanmar, and our extensive team in Thailand, [have] been working to provide food, health care, relief items, [meeting] urgent needs ever since this coup began in 2021,” Dennett says.




Header image depicts armoured personnel carrier used by Myanmar army. (Wikimedia Commons)