Persecution leads to pioneering in Chinese churches

By November 16, 2023

China (MNN) — Christians in China continue to face persecution, but by God’s grace they are responding with creativity and resilience.

Joe Handley with A3 says that it is difficult to get information in and out of China.

“Fortunately, we do have channels where we’re hearing what’s happening in the church in the country. While they’re under duress and persecution in many cases, they continue to thrive.”

After their church was shut down, one congregation went to a large park dressed like ordinary citizens, but their headphones were tuned in to their pastor preaching. They were then able to meet in small, unobtrusive groups for fellowship.

(Photo courtesy of Baydar Bakht on Unsplash)

“That’s the kind of creativity that I’m hearing come out of the church of China,” Handley says. “Frankly, I think the rest of us can learn from that.

“As things change in the landscape of the global church, what will the biblical ecclesia — the biblical church — look like for tomorrow? How can we equip leaders for the church of tomorrow? That’s exactly what the Chinese church has done.”

Handley tells about one leader’s perspective given in a recent meeting outside of the country.

“We’re going to be okay,” the leader said. “We’re used to this. We lived for years under this kind of pressure, and right now is a season where we simply have to adapt.”

You can help believers in Asia by supporting A3’s leadership development efforts in countries like China, and by praying for these Christians experiencing persecution.

“Pray for the pressure they face,” Handley says. “They’re constantly having to switch. I know one group that has to change their channel for communication every 12 hours or so, simply because they’re being watched.”

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(Header photo courtesy of A3)